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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wikipedia page creation

Today I created a page on Wikipedia on digital formats vs. film and the transitions that producers faced with this evolving technology.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Blog about Air Quality?

This blog was created because of the need to make people more aware of the way our lives are affected by the quality of the air we breathe. You may ask, why you should care... Your lungs are fine, everyone in your family is healthy and your last checkup indicated no problems. You may feel that if the smoke coming from the chemical plants hasn't killed you yet, then you shouldn't worry about it. Even closer to home, you may be one of those who barbecue outdoors regularly and don't worry about the carbon the charcoal is sending into the air, let alone into the food which everyone then eats.... Do you ever wonder about chemicals in the carpets we use in our homes and how, or if, it may be related to the asthma that our family members develop?

Well, ponder this, according to the Environmental Protection Agency website (, because of the fact that there are pollutants emitted into the air that are harmful to people and the environment, the Clean Air Act sets standards designed to protect the public. The regulations go as far as to protect the elderly, children, vegetation, animals and even buildings.

We are affected by carbon monoxide from vehicles, aerosols as in hairspray and paints, substances including asbestos, lead, mercury and the variety of toxic substances that we are exposed to on a regular. These exposures are not limited to the outdoor air.

We must take an interest in, and a stand for clean air quality if we are to ensure the good health for our, and our children’s, future.